Notes from the Chair - April 2, 2018


                                                          notes from the chair


As it’s about to get VERY busy, it’s time to catch up.

The Fall

We’ve had a pretty busy Fall. Heidi Ganahl, our CU Regent at Large came up in September for a social get together at Agave.

In October we had a meeting of the Central Committee at the Avon Library and had presentations on some ballot questions as well as a few prospective candidates stop by to see what we were up to.

November was a quiet month and in December we had our Xmas party with Steve House as our guest speaker. He filled us in on the workings of the newly formed IEC – Independent Expenditure Committee. It’s one of Ryan Call’s projects and can be used as a vehicle for raising money from sources and for amounts not previously available to us due to the very restrictive campaign finance laws.


In January, Doug Robinson held a meet and greet at ETown that was very informative and drew a few new faces not seen before. We also held our first Central Committee meeting of 2018.

So here we are. It’s February and we are at the beginning of a very busy election year. But unfortunately, off year elections are often overlooked as not being that important, so I am here to dispel that notion.

To begin with, we have a huge schedule of offices that we will be voting on in Eagle County and they include:


US House - District 2

US House - District 3


Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State

State Treasurer

Attorney General

State Board of Education - District 2

Regent of the University of Colorado – at large

Regent of the University of Colorado - District 3

State Senate - District 5

State House - District 26


Commissioner District 3


Clerk and Recorder






Additionally, and some would say more importantly, shortly after the election we roll into an event that happens once every 10 years but has the ability to shape our elections forever and that is the Census. So, what’s the big deal you might ask? Well here it is.

Once the Census is completed, we will go through the process known as re-districting. That means a committee will create new boundaries for all of our various districts which include Congressional (aka US House), State Senate, State House and Judicial.  The make up of the committee is the key here.

The 11-member commission is made up of 4 appointments made by the majority and minority leaders of each party in the State House, 3 are appointed by the Governor and 4 by the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court. Starting to get the picture? Whoever wins the Governor’s race will play a major role in stacking the deck in favor of their party. So, bottom line? We need to win the Governor’s race unless we want to be at the mercy of a horribly slanted D controlled committee- the results of which will haunt us for a long time.


Caucus and Assemblies

Having said all that, we started with step one which was the Caucus, on March 6. All Ds and Rs statewide met that night at that same time to start the ball rolling.

Then there was the County Assembly on March 24 at the Eagle County building at 10am.

All Delegates and Alternates elected at caucus assembled to elect Delegates and Alternates to the State Assemblies. They also voted on Resolutions to be forwarded to the State for inclusion in the state platform. Probably the most significant issue was electing candidates to represent the Eagle County Republicans on the June 5 primary. Elected by acclamation were Jackie Cartier for County Commissioner, District 3, James Van Beek for Sheriff and Travis Siemer for Surveyor.

The State Assembly is on April 14 at the CU Event Center in Boulder with District Assemblies on the 13th at the Denver Tech Center. We’ll be sending out lots of info as we get closer.


CRC Executive Committee Meetings

I was elected to the State Executive Committee along with Greg Carlson to represent the 53 small counties in Colorado (BTW, Eagle County ranks #15 in population based on the 2010 Census). Greg and I take turns updating those County chairs after each meeting. Here is the recap for December and February with some really fascinating info from the RNC.

“It was my turn to do the updates to small county chairs for the December CRC EC meeting but with the holidays etc I just didn’t get to it so I’m doing both December and February now.

Actually, there really wasn’t much to report in December, the major thing being that Dick Elsner of Park County was appointed to take over as state party treasurer. The previous treasurer resigned and I personally think Dick will do a great job. He was my secretary when I was chair of CD2 and he always got the job done on time and accurately. Partly because he had just taken over and partly because of a staff problem in he office, we really didn’t have a budget report.

As an FYI, the state party is looking for a Finance Director. If you know of anyone who might be interested, contact Jeff for the details.

February had more interesting information to report. George, Vera and Jeff attended the RNC meeting and came back with lots of good news.

The RNC has $40mil cash on hand with no debt, which contrasts

sharply with the DNC who has $400,000 which is pretty much equal to their debt. Apparently one of the few truthful comments Hillary made during her campaign was that when she received the nomination, she was faced with a DNC that was deeply in debt and that hasn’t changed.

Also, the DNC has a sparse data base system as what they relied on in the past was a system owned by Obama so they are now faced with the cost of rebuilding. The RNC on the other hand is in good shape because Trump turned all of his data over to the RNC. To date the RNC has put $200mil into data, which should put us in a great position.

Probably the most interesting was the recap of Trump’s presentation to the group. They were impressed by how engaging he was but mostly by his very personal grasp of the issues. After his speech he took questions and was able to not just answer questions in a knowledgeable way but was also able to personalize his responses. As he would address a question from a particular state, he would add a comment like “Say hello to Mary in X county- she really turned out the vote for me.” And he did it repeatedly, making George squirm when he asked about our open primaries. He completely disagrees and believes Rs should be the only ones making the decisions on who will represent them in elections.

I guess the take-away was that we are in much better shape than the Dems even though you would never know it by the press reports. They seem to be the ones in disarray and without funds. And the kicker is that Trump is not clueless as we are being led to believe. Surprise. Surprise.

We then discussed the Caucus on March 6. Pre-registration has started and we will be collecting lots of new email contacts, which we can all tap in to. Keep checking your emails for all of the pertinent info.

The State Assembly is set for April 14 at the CU Events Center in Boulder with multi county assemblies on the 13th. Again, keep checking your emails for details and let Shana know if you have meeting room requirements.

As for communications, we seem to be taking more proactive positions than in the past.  One specific goal is to have every Republican candidate for office in 2018 listed on the website with links to a picture and their website. They are using Tracer as a source for this info.

Greg is the tech guru so he sends these updates out. But if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at or 970-376-5100. And thanks for electing me to be one of the small county reps to the state EC committee.”


Kaye Ferry

Eagle County GOP Chair

(970) 376-5100

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