May 2017 Newsletter From County Party Chair

Spring is here- or is it? In any event, it’s time to catch up on what’s been happening.




The Eagle County Republicans Executive Committee travelled to Englewood this spring for the state party Organization Meeting. Here is the copy of the press release that appeared in the Vail Daily.

Eagle County Republicans were elected to a wide variety of positions at the Colorado Republican Committee’s Winter Organization meeting April 1, in Englewood Colorado.

The primary purpose of Saturday’s assembly was to elect officers of the Colorado Republican Central Committee, which includes the chair, vice chair and secretary of the state party as well officers of all the districts, which include Congressional, Senate, House and Judicial as well as representatives to the state Executive Committee. Additionally, changes to the state bylaws were considered.

In the third Congressional District, Jennifer Woolley was elected as vice chair. CD3 includes 29 counties primarily on the western slope and southwestern Colorado. In terms of area, it is the largest congressional district in the country and includes the western portion of Eagle County. Eastern Eagle County is in CD2.

In House District 26, which includes Routt and Eagle counties, John Rosenfeld was elected as chair while Bill Douglas was elected vice chair.  

Kaye Ferry was elected chair of Senate District 5, which includes Chaffee, Delta, Eagle, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Lake, and Pitkin.

Ferry was also elected chair of Judicial District 5 with Michael Dunahay as vice chair representing Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties.

Perhaps one of the most influential roles was Ferry’s election as one of two small county representatives to the State Executive Committee.  A small county is defined as any county with less than 100,000 population (53 0f 64 counties). As an aside, Eagle ranks as the 15th largest county based on population.

“This was a great day for Eagle County. Never before have so many Eagle County residents been elected to serve in so many positions at the state level. This not only shows their serious commitment to solving the problems facing our state today but it also shows the degree of confidence the rest of the state has in the ability of Eagle County to serve and represent a large spectrum of the state’s population. These elections validate the hard work that Eagle County Republicans have put into developing relationships with the various districts in the state and the impact they have had on their constituents. It puts Eagle County into some serious leadership roles around the state, which in the long run will benefit us locally.

Gone are the days when Eagle County was dismissed as too small and too removed to warrant attention. I couldn’t be more proud of the faith that has been placed in us and the energy we bring to these offices. We have made a mark on state politics that is quite significant and these newly elected officers look forward to representing the county in the year to come” said Kaye Ferry, chair of Eagle County Republicans.”



The agenda covered several things and the minutes covering the meeting will be available at our next meeting. For the purpose of this newsletter, I will only address a few issues that were decided on which seem to be of interest to most of you who were not able to attend.

A meeting and event schedule for 2017 year was finalized keeping in mind that this is not an election year and that we have already held some these meetings. This schedule will serve as a templat for next year as well with some changes due to the election cycle.

January          Executive Committee prep for Organization Meeting

February 15    Eagle County Organization Meeting

March 31         District Organization Meetings-Englewood

April 1            State Organization Meeting-Englewood

April 11          Eagle County Central Committee Meeting

May 8            Bylaws Committee Meeting

June 15          Lincoln Day Dinner

July 3             Float prep and dinner

July 4             4th of July parade, Vail

July 19-22      Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

August           Annual Picnic TBD

September 21  Eagle County Central Committee Meeting

December       Christmas Cocktails


We also formed several committees whose function will be to help create vitality and participation in the community.

 Michael Dunahay will chair Volunteers which will include mobilizing District Captains to fulfill their commitments.

 Scott Prall will chair Outreach and Voter Registration.

 Nancy Reed will start the process of re-starting Eagle County Republican Women.

 Special Events chairs will be appointed as necessary.

 Bylaws Committee will fall under the Executive Committee.

 Fundraisers and Speakers will fall to Kaye Ferry and the Executive Committee.

 Young Republicans is still in search of a group of “under 40s” to establish Eagle County Young Republicans.

We are still in need of a chair for Candidate Search and Development as well as tracking elected positions in Eagle County’s 84 taxing authorities. We can also divide this in to 2 positions if necessary.

All of these committees need the participation of interested parties. Anyone who would like to step up and help with any of these areas can contact the Exec Committee or the various chairs.



January 25      Capitol Club Luncheon, Denver

I attended the Capitol Club Luncheon with Michael Dunahay which was Steve House’s last CC. Featured presenters were several state legislators who gave an update on the issues before them during this session which include 107 and 108, open primary regulations, roads and bridges and health care to name a few.

March 22        Lincoln Club, Denver

Michael Dunahay attended Walker Stapleton’s address to the LC. He gave an update on the various activities being conducted by the treasurer’s office.

April 22          Lincoln Club Luncheon, Denver

Once again, Michael joined me for this event which feature Jeff Hays, our newly elected state party chair. Jeff outlined his plans for the Colorado Republican party in this very important election cycle. With state offices on the ballot, it’s extremely important to win the Governor’s office in the years leading up to the census and redistricting.

April 27          Independence Institute 32nd Annual Founder’s Night Dinner, Denver

This is Jon Caldera’s annual Fund raiser and brings out most of Colorado’s Republican elite. This year’s speakers were Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation  and John Fund of National Review. They reviewed their predictions from pre-election days and it seems as though Steve, Scott Prall and I were the only ones who always believed DT would win. A great night all around. Ran in to a lot of old friends, made some new ones and had fun meeting Steve Moore as I’m a huge fan! And he LOVES Vail!


Although I have previously served on the State Executive Committee, this was my first meeting since being re-elected at the State Organization Meeting in April. Here is a re-cap that was sent to the 53 County Chairs whose districts I was elected to represent with Greg Carlson. It was a marathon 4 hour meeting. The recap does not refer to subjects covered under Executive Session which primarily dealt with salaries for office personnel.

 “May 9, 2017

 Dear Small County Chairs,

 We are both excited to represent you and appreciate the important responsibility that you have elected us to serve. We were elected at the state Organization Meeting in April to represent the interests of small counties which include 53 of Colorado’s 64 counties as defined by those with populations of less than 100,000. 

 The first Executive Committee Meeting was May 5th.  During the meeting, Jeff Hays, our State Party Chair, outlined his vision for the next two years underscoring the importance of building the party in anticipation of the critical races across our state, including the all important governor’s race.

 Replacing the monthly conference call with county party chairs, Jeff will instead be scheduling a monthly one on one conversation with the chair of each county. Many of you have already been contacted to set up a convenient time but if you haven’t, expect the call soon.

 We also discussed technological development, state party staffing possibilities, and the importance of primary neutrality for all Colorado GOP officials.  New programs for improving our communications with voters, the state party and each other are under review and will be rolled out when they are finalized.

 Additionally, the Leadership Program held in Denver in April was so successful that it is being offered again on September 9 in Grand Junction. Anyone interested can visit or call the office at 303-758-3333 for more information.

 Chairman Hays told us that he believes a main role of the state party is to serve the county parties, and we are excited to see his budget in June, as required by the bylaws, and how we can prepare for 2018.

 Our next meeting is June 9th.  Please contact us at any time that you would like to know what the State Executive Committee is doing or if you have a concern that you would like us to raise on your behalf at the state level.

 Thanks again for your support and we hope you have a very happy summer!


 Gregory Carlson, Chair,  Fremont County Republicans, 719-371-5079

 Kaye Ferry, Chair, Eagle County Republicans, 970-376-5100

 Small County Representatives, Colorado Republican Executive Committee


The schedule of events have already been outlined so I won’t go through them again- except for the Lincoln Day Dinner.

This is the only fundraiser of the year. It’s being held at Cafe Milano on June 15th and the notices have been sent out with more to follow. Already I have started receiving requests for speaking time from candidates for the 2018 elections. I will update our notices as these are confirmed but the keynote speaker for this event is Jeff Hays, the newly elected State Party Chair.

Jeff brings a new perspective to this very important job and he will share his plans with us as well as take questions. One statement that was made at last State Executive Committee meeting really stood out.

Chairman Hays told us that he believes a main role of the state party is to serve the county parties. I don’t remember ever hearing a statement like that before and I intend to hold him to it. He also has huge experience in fund raising, having raised $700,000 as chair of El Paso County.

I think you will enjoy getting to know Jeff and hear his views on the future of the Colorado Republican Party. Please join us and bring your friends!


As you can see, we’ve been busy even if you can’t always see it.

We look forward to your continued participation as we need your help since there’s always a lot to do. To volunteer or if you have anything you want to share, please feel free to call or email me.

Once again, thanks for all you do and we look forward to seeing you at the Lincoln Day Dinner!

Kaye Ferry









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