Critical Election Information!

by Kaye Ferry, Chair, Eagle County Republicans

I receive daily updates from both the state and our clerk as to the number of ballots that have been turned in and here's the sad state of affairs.

Statewide, Republicans are out voting Democrats and Unaffiliateds 2:1- that is, Republicans are voting in the same numbers as the Democrats and Unaffiliateds COMBINED!

Not so in so in Eagle County where it is almost the reverse. That is a pitiful situation when we have so much at stake. We simply must turn out the vote here if we hope to succeed. I would plead with everyone to show up at the office, wave signs, make calls, walk neighborhoods etc. We need everyone on this for the next 10 days.

Picture this- you wake up on Nov. 5 and we've lost key races due to Eagle County's apathy. And we all know that with some of our local races, they have come down to multiple recounts, only to have us lose by single digits.

It is imperative that you adjust your priorities for the next few days and put winning these races on the top of your list. Nothing you have planned between now and November 4 is more important that winning these elections.

We can blame a lot of things on the altitude but if we lose these races, we can only blame ourselves for not taking this November and our future seriously.

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