RNC vs DNC Fundraising

  • The RNC had the biggest off-cycle August in history for either national party committee.

  • In August, Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel raised $23.5 million, 3 times that of the DNC’s haul.

  • The RNC now has 6.5 times more cash on hand compared to the DNC.

  • In August, the DNC spent over three quarters of a million dollars more than they brought in.

    • The committee also has $1.7 million in more debt than they did in July.

  • While the DNC finds themselves in debt, the RNC is using its massive fundraising advantage to build the largest field program and most expensive data operation in the party’s history.

    • We are expanding the electoral map into states like New Mexico.

    • We are continuing to invest in the unparalleled data-driven ground game to help re-elect the President and help Republicans up and down the ballot.

  • The momentum is on our side heading into 2020.

August Debt Cycle To Date
RNC $23.5M $0M $141.4M
DNC $7.9M $7.3M $59.5M