August Jobs Report

  • The August jobs report once again showed the economy under President Trump remains strong.

    • The unemployment rate held at a near generational low – 3.7%.

    • The U.S. added 130,000 jobs in August.

    • 3,000 new manufacturing jobs were added.

    • 13,000 new construction jobs were added.

    • 60,000 new jobs for women.

  • All Americans continue to benefit from the Trump economy.

    • Unemployment among African Americans is at its lowest level in history – 5.5%.

    • The Latino American unemployment rate is tied for the previous record low set under President Trump – 4.2%.

  • Over 6.3 million jobs have been added since President Trump was elected.

    • Over 1 million jobs have been added in 2019.

    • Over 500,000 manufacturing jobs have been added since the President was elected.

  • In August, wage growth remained strong at 3.2% - the 13th month in a row of 3% or better.

  • President Trump’s economy continues to pull disenfranchised Americans off of the sidelines and into the labor market – a staggering 571,000 people reentered the labor market in August.

  • 2020 Democrats are not talking about the economy because they cannot deny the success.

President Trump is delivering on his promise to revitalize the American economy