• Vail Daily column: Keep election season truthful, respectful

    By: Kaye Ferry, Chair Eagle County Republicans

    With the primaries behind us, we now enter into the off year election season.

    I am thrilled with the Republican slate we have in place and I’m sure the Democrats feel the same way about their choices. We have both spent a great deal of time and energy working through a long and complicated process to arrive at this point. We have listened to our constituents and the choices they have made to represent our respective parties in the November election.

    So now the battle begins. Who will present the best case on the issues? Who will inspire? Who will motivate? These are all valid considerations in determining which candidates will prevail. And they should be presented in a logical, understandable, and factual way.

    But already we are being exposed to things that should not matter, that should not occur and, above all, misrepresent our candidates and the issues. While negative campaign practices are never acceptable, they are particularly egregious in small communities because when the dust settles and the voters have made their choices, we still have to live with each other.  We still have to go to the same supermarkets, cash checks at the same banks, listen to concerts in the same amphitheater, send our kids to the same schools. Well, you get my drift. This community, to be specific, is too small to deal with the aftermath of negative slams and innuendos.

    My reason for writing this is to make the community aware of the fact that one of our candidates has been demeaned through a series of negative telephone “surveys”. Some group has been calling purportedly to gather voter information. But after a few innocuous questions, the caller settles in to the purpose of the call which is to plant misinformation.

    I would urge everyone to beware of such calls. Be suspicious of information that is conveyed in such a manner. Pay attention to the sponsors whether by phone or in print.

    And above all, get educated by attending meetings, and visiting candidates’websites.  Republican candidates information can be accessed through and clicking on 2014 Republican candidates.

    As chair of Eagle County Republicans, I am writing on behalf of our Executive Committee and our candidates to request that we all strive to present our cases in such a way as to represent the facts in a respectful way and to avoid slanderous and inaccurate information. Taking things out of context, twisting the facts and out right misinformation should never be a part of the dialogue during the election cycle.

    Eagle County Republicans pledge to campaign in a respectful way, using the truth as our only method of presenting our case. We hope that our lead will be followed by everyone else running for office.

    Kaye Ferry, chair, Eagle County Republicans

    Executive Committee: John Rosenfeld, Max Schmidt, Melissa Kellogg-Lueck, Jennifer Woolley, Glenn Davis, Katherine Paison-Senn.

    Candidates: Don Suppes, Chuck McConnell, Courtney Holm, Dick Mayne, Karen Shaeffer, James Van Beek, Sue Franciose, Ted Archibeque

    View the article on the Vail Daily website HERE.

  • Can you help with the Annual Picnic?

    It's time for our Annual Picnic! We are in need of some volunteers to help. Are you able to assist?
    We need help with:
    • Set up
    • Grill cook
    • AV set up
    • Clean up 

    If you can help, please email us and let us know how you can help. We look forward to seeing you there and thank you in advance for helping make this a successful event!

  • We Need You! Help this week with the Eagle County Fair & Rodeo

    The Fair & Rodeo is this week!

    Help support us with your time during this important election season!

    Volunteers needed for Eagle County Fair & Rodeo!

    Wednesday, July 23rd thru Saturday, July 26th 
    We need help with: 
    -Booth set-up - Tuesday 7/22 4-5 pm
    -Booth tear down - Sunday morning 7/27
    -Staffing the booth - Wednesday to Friday, 3-7pm and Saturday noon-7pm
    Please pass on this email to interested friends or neighbors. Any amount of time you can offer is greatly appreciated!
    To volunteer or for more information contact Katherine. Phone: 970.390.1731 or
  • Davis joins Eagle County Republicans’ executive committee - Vail Daily

    EAGLE COUNTY — Glenn Davis was recently elected to the executive committee of the Eagle County Republican Central Committee. Davis, chief retail officer of Alpine Bank, graduated from Lake Forest College with a degree in history and has been with the bank since 1988.

    Davis devotes much of his time serving local and statewide nonprofit organizations. He currently serves as the president of the board of trustees of Colorado Mountain College,and is chairman of the board of directors for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail.

    As much of Davis’ time is spent in overseeing the growth of Alpine Bank, while keeping its small community appeal, he also manages to serve as the treasurer of the board of governors of the Vail Valley Partnership and is also a member of the board of trustees for the Bravo! Vail music festival.

    “We are thrilled at this addition to our executive committee,” said Kaye Ferry, chair of Eagle County Republicans. “Glenn brings expertise that will enhance the board’s perspective. We have attempted over the years to diversify our membership in order to appeal to a broader constituency and we will rely on Glenn to help us continue to create that environment. Any time we can attract a leader in the community to help foster our goals, we view as a plus for everyone concerned, and we look forward to Glenn’s contribution in this very important election year.”

    View the article on the Vail Daily website.

  • Primary Election Results

    The results are in!

    Colorado's primary election yesterday decided the following races:

    • Candidate for Governor: Bob Beauprez
    • Candidate for U.S. House, District 3: Scott Tipton
    • Candidate for CO House, District 26: Chuck McConnell
    • Candidate for Eagle County Sherrif: James VanBeek

    Congrats to our candidates! 

    Here are some links to the news reports on yesterday's primary election:

  • Latest news on the Election Cycle

    By Eagle County Republican Chair, Kaye Ferry

    The process that ultimately results in candidates for the November elections is extensive. It takes persistence, commitment and dedication, It takes a lot of time, some money and carries with it a huge responsibility. Because 4300 delegates are elected to represent the 1.1mil registered Republicans in the State of Colorado and cast their votes to determine the candidates that will represent the party in the primary and general elections.

    It started with the Caucus where representatives were chosen to go on to the County Assembly. We also started the process of submitting resolutions to be considered. .

    At the County Assembly on March 15, three very important things took place. Delegates and Alternates to the District Assemblies and State Convention were elected; resolutions were considered for passage; and candidates that will represent Eagle County Republicans on the June 24 primary ballot were chosen. As an FYI, all elected candidates will appear on the primary ballot even if they face no opposition Something that is often missed is that those numbers play an important role in the candidates’ fund raising efforts so it’s very important to vote even in the uncontested races.

    So how did we do? Here are those results:

    For County Commissioner from District 2, Courtney Holm was elected with Dick Mayne for District 3. Incumbent Karen Shaeffer for Treasurer, Sue Franciose for Coroner and Ted Archibeque for Surveyor were all nominated by acclimation as they ran unopposed. The only primary battle will be between incumbent Sheriff Joe Hoy who faces a run off with James VanBeek

    It was then on to Broomfield on April 11 for District Assemblies. The morning began early with a 7:15am meeting of the State Central Committee. An over view of the weekend was presented, questions asked and answered and as always, those with a bone to pick on some minutia held up the process making it far longer than it needed to be. 

    We then moved to the Congressional District elections. As a result of redistricting in 2010, Eagle County was split in two with the eastern most part in District 2 while the remainder- and majority- is in District 3. George Leing will run unopposed in District 2 while incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton will face David Cox in the primary.

    Senate 5 was next where Don Suppes was nominated by acclimation. House District 26 Assembly resulted in a primary run off between Dave Moloney and Chuck McConnell.

    With long sessions of business completed, the day was followed with a dinner featuring Michael Reagan as speaker where he charmed the crowd with stories of his famous father. After dinner, many of the candidates hosted open houses, trying to position themselves for votes on Saturday.

    Another long day began early Saturday morning, April 12, in Boulder with the opening of the State Convention. There were a lot of speeches by a long list of candidates for State and National elections, a lot of hurry up and wait; a lot of filling in the gaps while a variety of credentials were verified but finally we got to the votes.

    Cory Gardner will oppose Mark Udall in the race for the US Senate. Four candidates for Governor will battle it out in a primary that promises to be very interesting. Mike Kopp and Scott Gessler made it to the primary ballot through the assembly process while Bob Beauprez and Tom Tancredo petitioned on.

    Incumbent Walker Stapleton for Treasurer and Wayne Williams for Secretary of State were elected by acclimation while Cynthia Coffman will run uncontested in the race for Attorney General*.

    There you have it . A full slate a of really fabulous candidates will now get started with the exciting but exhausting job of running for office. Those with a primary have only a short time until the June 24 primary to convince voters that they are the best choice to represent the party on the November ballot. Those with uncontested races now start long range planning for the general election. Stay tuned because for many, it’s just getting started!

  • What it's all about: Colorado State Assembly

    Eagle County Republican Party Chairperson, Kaye Ferry wrote an interesting piece for the Vail Daily about the Colorado State Assembly, which we attended last week, April 11-12. 

    Here is a link to the article

    Here is a link to the results of the Assembly

  • Eagle County Seeks Board Members for Citizen Boards

    Eagle County is Seeking Residents to serve on citizen boards

    According to a press release, Eagle County has openings on several citizen boards, including the Eagle County Planning Commission, the Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the ECO Eagle Valley Trails Committee and the Colorado State University Extension Advisory Council. 

    For the planning commission, zoning board and trails committee, applications can be submitted via email to For more information or to obtain a hard copy of the application, contact Karen Sepp at 970-328-8746. View the entire newspaper article here.

    We are encouraging area Republicans to step up and serve in these important roles. Special expertise is not necessarily required. Time commitments usually involve attending one meeting per month. If interested, take a moment to email Karen Sepp at the address above to get more information. If you plan to run for one of these seats let us know, we can help.


    Kaye Ferry, Chair of the Eagle County Republicans

  • What is a Caucus? By Kaye Ferry, Eagle GOP Chairperson

    What is a Caucus? More specifically, what is a Precinct Caucus because that's what we're about to experience in the State of Colorado. And for the record, both Republicans and Democrats follow the same process that is mandated and regulated by state law. I will be doing several articles on the series of events that starts with the Republican Caucus on March 4 and ends with the Republican State Assembly on April 12.

    A Precinct Caucus is a meeting, held every general election year, of registered voters of a major political party. These meetings are generally held in neighborhoods and represent grass roots politics at its most basic level.

    In Colorado, the process of nominating candidates for elected office begins with the Caucus process. And since Colorado does not hold a Presidential primary election, the only opportunity for voters to directly influence the selection of the major party candidates for President of the United States is through Precinct Caucuses and Political Party Assemblies.

    But since this isn't a Presidential election cycle, we don't have to worry about that until 2016. For now the focus will be on selecting local party leaders (Precinct Committee Persons) as well as Delegates and Alternates to the County, District and State Assemblies. For this article I'll start with the Caucus itself.

    First let’s review its history. Throughout the 19th century, the Caucus was the main election procedure for choosing a candidate. In 1904, Florida became the first state to adopt the primary system. Over the following years, other states began adopting the primary method as well and in 1969, the US Government reassessed the delegate selection process and this led to the primary being the dominant election.

    However, in Iowa in 1972, the Caucus system was started again as a way to expand the presidential nomination process and increase involvement in grassroots activities by volunteers and campaign workers. Over the years, the process became so popular that 16 states are now Caucus states. They include Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

    Voters come together at a designated meeting place and are grouped by the precinct in which they are registered to vote. A precinct is the smallest political unit in the state and serves as the basis for political activity and representation. Registered voters in each of Eagle County’s 30 precincts will elect two representatives to the Eagle County Central Committee as well as Delegates and Alternates to the County Assembly and finally present for consideration Resolutions to the State Party platform.

    And this is where we’ll pick up in the next article in this series. We’ll look at the details surrounding who can participate, where the caucus takes place, how you register and a whole lot more.

    For questions, contact or call 970-376-5100.

  • Register for Eagle County Caucus online!

    The Colorado Republican Party has launched online registration for the caucus. Register online here!  It's a simple process that will take you less than a minute. Take a minute now and register, it will expedite your arrival to the caucus and help us to plan better for the event. Also, forward the link to your friends and family and encourage them to register as well!

    We look forward to seeing you there! 

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