2018 Eagle County GOP Candidates

Olen Lund - Colorado State Senate District 5 Candidate - website

Nicki Mills - Colorado State House District 26 Candidate - website

Jacqueline Cartier - Eagle County Commissioner Candidate - website - radio ad

James van Beek - Eagle County Sheriff - website



  • Knock on doors for candidates to Get Out The Vote
  • Make phone calls to Get Out The Vote
  • Spend some time in the GOP HQ talking to interested voters, and as has been found out, interested non-voters who understand the conservative cause and wish to help
  • Write letters to the editor in support of candidates or positions
  • Host a neighborhood meet and greets with a candidate
  • Wave campaign signs
  • Make sure your conservative friends vote
  • Help place yard signs in designated public areas
  • Donate to campaigns
  • Ideas, limited by your imagination, which will help Get Out the Vote
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